Characteristics of the Havanese


There are so many  adjectives that describe this wonderful dog:  The Havanese is a delightful breed, being: Happy, Healthy, Small, Sturdy, Smart, Sweet, Loving, Loyal, Endearing,Playful, and Comical, They do Silly things that will make you laugh, and they  love to Entertain you. Although the Havanese want and need their human family,they also enjoy living with another canine.

Their facial expressions are endearing and have a priceless little smile on their face. They have exceptional dispositions and temperaments, making them wonderful family pets,and companions.  *** These dogs want to be with you, *** following you everywhere, and  *** want to share in your family activities. The Havanese will win your heart over as soon as you meet one. They are an exceptional breed that brings a lot of happiness to those who own them. They are known to put a smile on your face even if you’re having a bad day.

At one time they were circus dogs, quick to learn to do tricks, so teaching them tricks is fun and rewarding.  Some of my puppies have even learned to talk saying….” I Love You” and “Where were you”.  They have double hair coats, requiring combing. The hair coat can vary from thick, semi curly, soft, wavy, &  silky. The difference evolved throughout the years as to where they were being bred.  The Bichons, Maltese,and Toy Poodles, among others, played a large part in the development of the Havanese as we now know them. Havanese come in many variations of colors and patterns.

2019 First Litters
Emir &
Freda’s Litter
Emir & Annie’s Litter Emir & Happy’s Litter
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