Update on Winne and Daisy


Hi Carol

The girls are doing well. They were sitting for me while I gathered all their stuff together to go to the groomers so I grabbed a picture. As you can see Daisy is definitely bigger than little petite Winnie. Don’t let that her size fool you-she is in charge. Daisy follows her everywhere.
Daisy loved the snow this winter. She absolutely hates the rain however. They both love it when Alex comes home for a weekend. The girls are getting used to our grandson Theo when he visits. They keep stealing his little chewy toys and taking them to their crate. Meal time is their favorite when he is here. It’s so cute-they sit by his chair waiting for finger snacks to fall then race to grab it.
Hope all is well with your family.
Best wishes.

Kristen T.

Jeter Watching Dad Cook

Good Morning Carol,
Just wanted to touch base with you.  Jeter is now 9 months old and such a joy in our lives.  He weighs 18 pounds!  A little bigger than we expected but is a sturdy little guy.  He was neutered and chipped in January and did very well. 
Yesterday one of our Granddaughters spent the day with us and he had so much fun playing with her.  They even took a short nap together!  He is great with our 2 year old granddaughter as well.
I am part of a Havanese on line group and reading some of the posts makes me realize how lucky we have been with Jeter.  He was easy to potty train, he socialized well, he has no apparent food or skin allergies, he rides in a car well, he is happy and funny and has slept through the night from day one!  We attribute all this to you and your loving care of him and his parents.  Thank you
We will be in Florida for about 6 weeks and will send you a couple pictures of his adventures there.  When he returns he will be in a Canine Good Citizen Class.  
Have a great day.
Susan W.

JJ – Enjoying His New Home

Hi Carol,
Lots going on in the Keller household… just before we got married this past summer I was told my bank was closing and June 29th given a severance I decided we all needed a change. So we sold our house and moved to South Carolina and can I say I am so happy we did. JJ is loving being a southern puppy no cold or snow well it did snow once. We bought our forever home a few weeks ago and we are all settled in! JJ is as sassy as ever he really is too cute to discipline. Lol
He got a short cut recently because our groomer wasn’t going to be available for seven weeks and we figured just cut him shorter this time. I actually love him with his short hair as well. Michelle K.

Merry Christmas – Tasha

Hi Carol and Dennis

More pups.  Wow you are lucky.  Our little Tasha is having the life that all little fur people should have.  Not only do we love her but our friends also love her.  The people who once came to see us.,.now come to se Tasha.  She just received a large package of new toys …I got nothing!  Merry Christmas….John!  

Stanley & Ebbie Update

Hi Carol,
Stanley & Ebbie are such a joy, & have such wonderful personalities. I am so thankful for them.
They put a smile on everyones face. Stanley still loves to put his head on whoever’s
shoulder that picks him up. He gives nose pumps instead of kisses, & once in a while
he will sneak a kiss for just me. Abbie is such a Sweet, & Gentle Soul. She loves to
give lots of kisses to everyone. I warn everyone that she is a kisser.

Kim, Stanley & Ebbie