Precious Lil’ Harley


Here are few new pictures of Harley Quinn. It’s hard to believe she’s almost 8 months old! She is such a welcomed addition to our family. She brings joy to all of us. From endlessly chasing her tail to standing on her hind legs to break a world record, Harley keeps us laughing.I look forward to her jumping through the piles of leaves that will soon be on the ground. Thank you for choosing us. ❤Take care and stay safe.


Beau (Bradly) – My mom tells me everyday that she loves me a lot, don’t I look handsome all spiffed up

Hi Carol,

Sitting in the back yard watching Beau explore and sniff things.  In the shade it’s nice but it is getting humid. He is so sweet and eating  much better.  Still on the Wellness puppy kibble. I agree I do see Red in his coat.  He is so sweet!  He’s my best friend, I should have named him Shadow as he is always with me! I just love him so. Sticking pretty close to home with this Covid thing. You and Denny stay well.  I hope your wallpapering the powder room went well!

patti xo

Pippa is Doing Great

Hi Carol!

I hope you are all doing well. We are ! I sent you a message after the 4th. Maybe it didn’t come through?
Pippa is continuing to do great. She is as spunky as ever – and yes her coloring has really lightened up – while the pictures that I am attaching for you to see here might not be the cutest of her- they are the most recent where you can really see her color changing :).
I think she is even going to be lighter – if you look at the picture of her back you can see the lighter “roots” coming in on her head. What do you think?
She did great at the groomer. She is learning how to walk and continues to play a lot with Louie. They run around a lot together. 
Beau came over a couple times this week to play and I snapped the below picture of them in our yard :).
Right now they are saying it is going to be regular classroom but we will see – everything can change at any moment. I feel like it is going to be a lot of starting and stopping and kids being quarantined. It’s a little unnerving that everything is so up in the air. I am just trying to stay positive for my kids – especially my 10 year old who is really starting to get down from how much life has changed. 
Pippa coming into our lives when she did was a true blessing.  She loves to cuddle! And we give her lots of cuddles and love.
Hope you and all your dogs and Denny and extended family are well. 
Thank you so much for checking in. 



Harley Looks Sooo Cute


Good afternoon! As I mentioned Monday, I wanted to send pictures today because Harley just had her first full haircut. The groomer said she was very well behaved (which I knew she would be). 
Harley looks absolutely adorable. I love the coloring she still has! I was hoping it wouldn’t all disappear because it’s so beautiful. 
I hope you enjoy this amazing weather today!


Harley (Sarah) – Update


So much to share! Harley had her first trip up north and in the lake. She enjoyed floating.  When we returned home, Alana and Erinn bought Harley and Zoey a doggie pool for these hot summer days. She had a vet appointment and all went well. She weighed 6.8 lbs! We just returned from the groomer for her first official haircut. She looks so cute. I’ve attached several pictures for you to see! Hope all is well with both of you and you are enjoying the summer. 

Melissa and family

Pippa (Willow) – Update

Hi Carol,
Here are some recent photos of Pippa. She is doing great. She had a good vet visit a couple weeks ago and vaccines are all set now. Her potty training is going well too – and has been going outside with no accidents for a good stretch now! We just love her personality – she is sweet and also spunky and she loves to cuddle. Louie (our other dog) and Pippa are best friends and it’s really fun to see them interact. 
Beau came over today. They played so much and had a great time. She is tired out tonight from it. Her hair is lightening up quite a bit. I will be curious to see how her color changes.. it is coming in a lot lighter. Mellow’s updated name is now? I think that is the one I didn’t see updates on?

I hope all is going well with you and your family and all are staying safe and healthy.