Lucy’s Enjoying the Sun


Here is Lucy laying outside today. She loved the nice weather. My oldest daughter graduated from college last week and my middle daughter just finished her second year of college. My son will be a senior in high school next year. Nick and Lucy take naps together after school ever day. When I come home from work Lucy always greats me at the door with lots of kisses. She is our little baby😊.


Abbie’s 1st Birthday


Abbie will be 12 months old tomorrow. She is doing great. She is so much fun.  Abbie got a new hair cut for her birthday party.🎉🎈She is playing with her wishing star in the pictures. Things are going great with her.  She is not sure that she likes the rain we have been having lately, but will learn to like it just like she learned to love the snow. Abbie is a wonderful addition to our family and we have you to thank for that.😊

Angel’s Easter Update

Good morning Carol,

We had a Blessed Easter with our new little Angel. We adore her so very much. Hope you had a wonderful Easter as well. She loves her walks and being outside. We have had quite a bit of rain this week but I am thinking next week, we will try the potty training out on the grass. The girls have been teaching her tricks and she is amazing. She sits, lays down, shakes a paw, rolls over and their favourite ‘dance around’ on her hind legs! We put bells on the door to eventually teach her to ring when she needs to go out. I will send you some of the pics I took at Easter.

I give her many hugs and kisses for you daily.

Best wishes to you and your family,

Angel Loves Her New Home


We feel very blessed to have found such a wonderful, loving addition to our family through the adoption of sweet, little Angel. She truly is a gift from heaven and has brought such joy to our family. She is so full of life yet gentle and cuddly at the same time. She loves being with everyone and thoroughly enjoys all the attention she is getting. It is amazing how fast and smart she is and the amount of love she spreads to all. Every day she brings more smiles to our faces through her pouncing on toys, the way she follows you around so as not to miss a thing and when she simply curls up in your arms for some needed rest.
It is obvious that she has come to be such an incredible puppy through the love and care that were given to her for the first eleven weeks of her life. Carol is an amazing breeder and ensures that she gives each and every puppy all of her love and attention. We were so impressed with her and the entire process that we wished we could have brought more than one puppy home with us! She is organized, knowledgeable, thoughtful and always available to answer any questions we may have. Once we found Angel on her website, we fell in love. Carol took much time to assure herself that she would be going to a loving, forever home which gave us great comfort in knowing how healthy and loved this little puppy already was. She has a large designated space within her immaculate home for which she is able to watch and care for these puppies at all times. She is always with them and they constantly feel her love. After meeting Carol and her husband, we wouldn’t trust any other breeder in the future.


Penny’s Loving Her New Home

Dear Carol,


One week today my husband and I drove up to Michigan from Chicago, in anticipation of picking up our Penelope (Penny) Grossman… aka Blondie! We have been blessed by the best Havanese Breeder ever! Your love for your puppies and your incredibly thorough vetting process, shows just that! We are BEYOND in love with Penny as she bunny jumps to us and gives us lots of kisses!  I can’t believe she is our little girl after searching for just the “right” puppy  all winter!  Not only is Penny  beautiful, sweet, playful and such a good girl, but also very smart!!  The last couple of days she has gone to her puppy pad by the back door to do her business and she has been rewarded greatly for doing so!!The whole experience has been an answered prayer and although she is not the” Angel” we first inquired about, she is OUR ANGEL! Precious Princess Penny!


Forever grateful to you and we will always stay in touch! Penny sends love and licks to you!


Stacey and Rick

Angel Enjoying Her New Home


Hi Carol

I just wanted to give you an update on Angel in her new home.  She is settling in very well.  We love her so much!  We set up a play pen just like yours in our living room which is open to our dining room and kitchen.  She has lots of room and loves her bed and new toys.  She is doing excellent on the pee pads just as she was doing with you at around 90%.  She has an amazing personality, lots of spunk while at the same time loves to cuddle.  Once in a while we let her out for short periods and she runs laps around our dining room table!  The girls are being very cautious and don’t ever want to leave her side.  They cried over having to leave her to go to school today.  I reassured them that she was in good hands with Karey and I.  She is getting lots of attention constantly and enjoys being on our laps.  At night time, we have been putting her in the 8 section play pen in our bedroom with her bed and a pee pad.  She cries at little at the beginning but settles down quickly.  The girls slept with us the first night too because they wanted to be close to Angel.  And she is an early riser with tons of energy!!  Not sure what time she woke up at your house but the first morning was 5:30am 😉

Hope all is well with you both and the puppies! 
Thank you again for everything.  I will keep in touch.





Four Adorable Puppies Hoping to be Chosen

Spring is here and these four adorable puppies are hoping to be chosen for their new home. Click on the links below to see a photo gallery of each puppy.

twoBytwo twoBytwo
Emir & Freda’s Puppy – Fancy
Emir & Annie’s Puppy – Maggie Mae
Fancy’s – Photo Gallery
Maggie Mae’s – Photo Gallery
twoBytwo twoBytwo
Emir & Annie’s Puppy – Charlie
Emir & Annie’s Puppy – Winston
Charlie’s – Photo Gallery
Winston’s – Photo Gallery