Maggie – Update

Hi Carol,

Just thought you would want to see a recent picture of Maggie. The top of her head is much more blond, but so far she’s kept a lot of her caramel color and the dark tips of her ears and chin. She’s gorgeous!

Maggie is an absolutely wonderful dog!! Everyone who meets her simply adores her. My sister and niece were here from East Lansing this weekend, and both loved holding her and fell completely in love with her. Maggie’s so smart and has such a loving personality! She loves cuddling and giving kisses.

Maggie is much better on her leash etiquette (but still wants to run around and sniff everything), and pretty reliably knows sit, down, and come. Stay is a work work in progress — she has so much energy and wants to follow you — but we are working on it! Maggie loves to play with a food puzzle, sniffing out the kibbles and moving the covers and sliding knobs to find and eat the kibbles.

We had Maggie spayed and she came through with flying colors. She bounced right back to full energy the second full day after surgery, and it was a challenge keeping her from running around or playing with Ollie until she fully healed. But she hit the one-week post-op mark and has healed beautifully. Maggie has lost a few teeth and she’s teething like mad. But nothing interferes with her sweet personality!

Maggie and Ollie have really bonded. They play together a lot, and often take a nap curled up together. They have a giant stuffed lamb that they play with together, taking turns holding it while the other one shakes it. It’s quite funny and cute to watch.

Maggie has brought us a lot of laughter and joy. We are so glad we found you and were able to adopt her. Know that Maggie is well-loved and well taken care of.

I hope everything is well with you.


Stanley and Ebbie – Update

Hi Carol!

Just wanted to check in—-I haven’t sent any pics of the puppers lately. Yes I peeked at your website the other day! I want ALL THE PUPPIES. LOL!! They are all so cute. And one of my all time favorite songs is Fancy by Reba. So little Fancy definitely pulled at my heart strings. What is wrong with her eye? They all look so sweet!!!

I am not looking for a new puppy right now but man—if I had more time and money I would take them all ❤️❤️❤️☺️☺️☺️ Stanley and Ebbie continue to do well! We all love them so much!!!!! They bring so much joy to us ❤️❤️ They were just groomed today —-here they are looking all sharp with their new haircuts and smelling even more fabulous! Hope this email finds you and your family well!!! We are forever grateful to you for our precious puppers!

Hugs to all the puppies, moms and dads ❤️❤️🐾🐾

The Banky’s

Update from Angel

Hi Carol,

I have been thinking about you and meaning to send you a note. Angel is doing amazing, she loves her new home! I will send you some pics. She is now 100% trained to ring the bells to go outside. She loves ringing the bell, she rings it so often now because she loves being outdoors to explore! She is such a good girl and loves everyone she sees. Since our last email, she had her next shot at the vet and is on the flea and tick prevention. Our vet says she is such a healthy pup. The girls are on a soccer team and sweet Angel is their biggest fan. We walways take her to cheer them on and to walk around the field while they play. The team loves seeing her too! I enjoy my early morning walks with her before heading to work.
I can’t believe there hasn’t been an interest in Fancy! The girls ask about her often. Nice to know she is in such good hands with you.

Thank you for your note and I hope all is well with you and your family. Hopefully Charlie and Fancy will find forever homes soon.

Best wishes and blessings to you,

Maggie – Doing Great, Enjoying the Day with Big Brother Ollie


We are so grateful that we were able to bring Maggie into our family! She is so sweet and cuddly (she loves to give kisses and nap on your lap), and so funny to watch when she’s a blur of puppy energy! You and your husband are very kind, and it’s obvious that you love all of your puppies like your your own babies. Maggie has a wonderful personality, and everyone who meets her just loves her. She loves to play with Ollie, our 3 year old Havanese. And I think she’s met every kid in the neighborhood on our walks — everyone comes over to see her!

Our experience with you was so much better than the prior breeder we had. We are very grateful for the amount of time you devote to your puppies and that you continue to check in on how Maggie is doing! I know that you will always be there if we need advice. We are so lucky we found you and that we have Maggie!!

We’ll send you updates on Maggie so that you can see her grow up!