Carly (Kalie) – Carly is Looking Pretty for Easter

Hi Carol,

We are all doing well. Carly has been such a joy and we love her so very much.
I’m so glad the days are finally getting warmer so we can go on longer walks. We are hoping to    have our boat in the water May 1st and I’m excited to see how Carly reacts. We’ve taken her over to the marina and onto the docks she seems just fine walking around there. Now it’s time to shop for a lifejacket for her.  We wish you a very Happy Easter.

Dawn, Bill and Carly

Coco (Dolly) – Update

And Coco just got her first haircut with us today! I love that you can see her beautiful markings even clearer now! And with all our adventuring outside, she will surely stay much cleaner! 

Kelce – Update

Hi Carol! 

I got your email – so cute!  Kelce definitely misses you guys!

How are all his sisters and mom and dad doing?  He’s doing so well here!  The boys love getting their play time and cuddle time with him and Kelce and Cooper enjoy some limited play time! 

It’s hard to get them to stay still for pictures but here are a couple. I love the one with Kelce in the middle of licking his lips!!

Hope you are all well and staying warm in this cold weather!!


Olivia – Update

Hi Carol,

I have to ask how is lilly is still not spoken for? She the cutest thing ever. I want her but my wife won’t let me. 😭😭😭😭

Here is a pic of Olivia.  

Bailey – Update

Hi Carol!

Here’s a couple (of the hundreds that me and  my girls take) pictures of Bailey. She is growing. She just went to the vet on Tuesday for her next dose of vaccinations. She checked out great!  Healthy as can be and weighed in at 6.4 lbs. 

She continues to amaze us all!!  She has learned to sit and give five.  She continues to be my little shadow. Wherever I am, she is.  I spend a lot of time in my office and she loves to hang out under my desk. So much so, that I put a bed under there for her to sleep in. She lays in it upside-down (like the picture below).  It’s so darn cute. That must be a havanese trait because that’s how my last Havanese, Maggie, laid every day!! 

Hope you are staying warm. Spring is right around the corner!!! 

Take care 🙂