Adult Havanese Adoption

Occasionally, I will have an adult Havanese dog that I would like to re-home.
At this time Daisie is available for Adoption.

Daisie: has been retired from our breeding program, several years ago. She is a 9 year old AKC Registered, spayed, Havanese. I am saddened that I am in a position where I must re-home some of my dogs.

Daisie is a sweet, gentle, & a loving dog, that is both: outside, & inside pad trained. Up to date on all vaccinations & preventatives.  I will only allow her to become a member of a loving, conscience home, where she will get the time, attention, & care she deserves. If you think that you would be able to give Daisie that home, please contact me.

I do have a questionnaire that I would have those interested in her, to fill out & send back to me.