Some Things to ask yourself before making the commitment of adopting a puppy

  • Adopting a puppy is not- or should not be a quick decision, or a surprise  gift for someone else,
  • without them knowing ahead of time or giving them the time to thoroughly think it through completely.
  • Keep in mind that your puppy is not a cuddly stuffed toy for a child, but a living creature, and should be treated with care and respect.
  • Consider the time that your new puppy will be “left alone” due to your daily schedules. If you lead a
  • erratic, unpredictable life, with daily & weekly changes due to work, participation in your  children’s school activities, etc., consider the puppy being left alone. Getting a puppy is a “Big” Commitment!  A young puppy should not be left alone for more than 3-4 hours max.
  • A new puppy has to be fed regularly, socialized (loved, petted, handled, introduced to other people, and
  • most importantly being allowed to go outside for house-training.  As the dog gets older, he can be more tolerant of deviations in his feeding and relief schedule.
  • Are you able to provide fun opportunities to exercise and socialize them.
  • Are you physically, emotionally and financially  prepared for raising a puppy?
  • Take into consideration the time, attention, training, vet bills, preventatives, & grooming costs, that dog ownership will require of you.
  • No puppy should have the run of the house initially, & when they do, supervision is essential, especially with children.
  • How will you manage taking the puppy outside, to house train him.  Timing and consistency are the 2 most important things needed to house train a puppy.
  • Do you have a designated confined play area, outside for your puppy?.
  • Will you be willing to stand outside with your puppy on a leash in bad weather, while he finds the perfect spot.
  • Puppy-proof your house, keeping cords hidden, poisons etc., & certain plants etc.out of reach
  • Realize that the promises made by your children will eventually fall on mom & dad, when the novelty of having a puppy wears off.
  • Before bringing a puppy home, be prepared ahead of time with : (1) a safe area you will keep your puppy in,
  • but not isolating him from the family    (2). The food that he has been fed while with the breeder,  (3). Food
  • and water bowls,  (4) bed,  (5)  Gates for areas where you don’t want the puppy to have access to such as stairways, etc.   (6) puppy safe toys (7) Washable or disposable  potty pads. (8) Harness & leash, (9) an enclosed outdoor play area.

Adoption Fee

I do accept deposits for a puppy of your choice. I require a non-refundable deposit of $500.00.  My puppies are allowed to leave here, between 10-11 weeks of age.  If the puppy will be transported by air to it’s new home,the balance will be due one week prior to the flight date.  I will only allow a puppy to fly if it is a non-stop flight. For those coming to pick up their puppy, the balance is due when the puppy leaves with it’s new owner.

When my puppies leave for their “Forever Homes” they will have been *Vet Checked, *Wormed, Dew Claws removed,  *Vaccinations up to date, * Written records,  *AKC Limited Puppy Registration Papers ( meaning with no breeding rights), and a  * One Year Genetic Health Guarantee,  and a * Puppy Folder containing a “Multitude of Very Important Information” that I have collected, and  put together, over the years of breeding. The material in the  folder is to aid the adopting family, in the training, awareness, and general care of my puppies.


I care “Very Much”  as to where my puppies go for their “Forever Homes”
I will call you in a few days after the puppy leaves,  to inquire as to how your new puppy is doing. I encourage everyone who adopts a puppy from me, to call or email me with questions or concerns that you might have. Many keep me updated on how their puppies are doing, as they grow up, even to years later, telling me how much they love their pups/dogs, all of the silly, and entertaining things they do, what they have learned, the vacation trips they have taken them on, plus pictures of their precious family member. It’s  always a joy to receive these emails and pictures….  I keep everyone of them!

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