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Information about us and how we breed our Havanese

IMG_0948We live in a rural area on 4 1/2 acres in Charlotte, Michigan. This is where I breed and raise my wonderful Havanese puppies.  All of my dogs are treated as family members, living in and sharing our home with us.  There are no Pole barns, kennels or dog runs, just a comfortable, clean, home to live in, getting tons of love, care, & attention.

I believe that a breeder should not work outside of the home. Breeding is , full time job. It takes a lot of  time, attention and energy focusing  on the Mom’s, Dad’s and puppies. To do it correctly it demands all of your attention & time 24/7.

I am a college graduate with a degree in education. Since I was a young child, I have always loved & cared for animals.  At one time or another I had dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, baby chicks, horses etc.  My heart & interest has always been with animals.

After getting married, having my 3 children, & working for a vet for over 10 years, assisting in surgeries, etc., plus maintaining a horse farm where I delivered foals, raised and showed Quarter Horses.   I started breeding Shih Tzus some 25 + years ago, and loved them dearly.   It was at that time, that I became aware of,  & fell in love with the Havanese breed. I  loved everything I read about them, & fell in love with their happy, &  endearing personalities. Here I am many years later, still enjoy raising and being involved with the Havanese.




I consider myself, as others do, to be an experienced, conscientious, responsible, and caring breeder.  Quality, health, temperament, and disposition are what I strive for in breeding my dogs.

  • All of my dogs are under the care of my veterinarian.
  • My moms get pre-natal  & post whelping supplements & a high quality holistic, grain free puppy food.
  • Prior to delivery, the moms are examined, & have a ultrasound or Xray to determine the approximate size, placement, and number of puppies. This is critical information, to know before delivery.
  • My vet is aware of the due date & makes himself available to me for questions, suggestions, or assistance, if needed.
  • My moms have their puppies in a room set up only for whelping.
  • It is sanitized, monitored, equipped with everything needed in order to deliver the puppies. The room provides a quiet, soothing, comfortable, & safe environment in which to deliver her puppies.
  • My moms let me know when it’s time to have their puppies, which really helps me out, knowing that they always do this. They trust me to be there 24/7.
  • I am present for the delivery of every puppy, assist in the delivery, & care for the puppies immediately, as they are are born. The puppies are handled, and loved from birth on.
  • My presence consoles & puts the moms at ease, as they deliver those precious little ones.
  • After the delivery of all of puppies, they are moved  to an already prepared area, all set up for them.
  • I monitor the mom & puppies 24/7.  ensuring that mom has sufficient milk, that each puppy is nursing  correctly, gaining weight, noticing mom’s behavior towards each puppy, excessive crying of the puppy’s, a puppy wondering away from mom, and appearing lost etc.

The 1st 3 weeks of a puppy’s life, is of critical importance, & needs  24/7 care and observation.

  • I start to wean the puppies while still in the whelping room, & acquaint them to the puppy pad.
  • When I feel that the puppies are ready, I Move mom & the puppies into the center of our living area. It is there that they become accustomed to the everyday occurrences in a home.
  • They are in my view, which makes it possible for me to observe and tend to any of their needs, monitoring their eating, drinking, playing with their littermates, sharing  toys, and see their individual personalities develop.
  • I keep their area very clean and picked up. They get fresh water several times a day and their food is always available to them.  I always talk to the puppies, and pick them up to love on them throughout the entire day. They also get one on one lap time before going to bed for the night.

Havanese PuppiesI put so much of myself, into the making of a healthy, happy puppy. It starts with selecting great moms & dads, prenatal care, birthing, post-whelping care, and in the daily 24/7 raising of my puppies. It is my goal to provide my adopting families with healthy, happy, sweet, loving, and irresistible puppies. Finding the “Right Home” for each and Every Puppy  is  “EXTREMELY”  Important To me. I want my puppies  to be happy, cared for, loved,and  getting the time and attention that they want and need to have, in order to be happy well adjusted.   I also want the family adopting one of my puppies to be happy and excited to have that little fur baby as a member of their family. It’s very important for the adopting family to realize the time, training and cost required to take on the responsibilities involved in having a puppy. Seriously interested, adopting people,  will be asked to answer my questionnaire. This is to help me in placing my puppies in the best homes.

Visiting the Puppies” can be done after they have had their 1st puppy vaccination, at 6 weeks of age. This is for the  health & safety of the puppies, protecting them from possible germs & diseases that unintentionally might be brought into our home, putting the puppies at risk.

2019 First Litters
Emir &
Freda’s Litter
Emir & Annie’s Litter Emir & Happy’s Litter
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