Coco (Dolly) – Review

Review: When my husband and I decided to start looking for another puppy friend for our 1 year old Morkie, we started with a similar path we had found our first through but we kept hitting dead ends.  With God’s help, we found our way to Carol. A colleague had turned me on to Havanese with stories about their unparalleled senses, loyalty, and calm demeanor.  In our search to add such a dog to our family, we came across Carol’s website.  Reading through the testimonies of past adoptions, the explanation of how the puppies are treated in her care, and the thoroughness of her selection system encouraged us to pursue her direction.  From that very first phone call, we knew that our lives were meant to cross.  
The whole process was smooth from the application, interview, preparing for our puppy, and retrieving her!  Every conversation was a pleasure, every question having a research backed answer to ease our minds of welcoming a new breed to our family.  The cries of our sweet pup on the drive home were evident that she was lovingly taken care of and we are honored to have been trusted to continue to care for her.  
She has meshed with our family so well, adjusting to our routines and very easy to train! Our original dog was so happy to have a new sister and they are the best of friends!  Working with Carol was one of those experiences that you know didn’t happen by accident.  Her warmth, love, and care not only for her dogs but also the people who adopt them will help to sustain not only her business, but also a lifelong friendship.  

Coco (Dolly) Update (written from her perspective): Life is certainly different in this new home of mine, but I feel nothing but loved!  I have a new brother who loves to play with me and we enjoy the “sneaky” stealing of toys back and forth.  I spend my nights snuggled in my own soft bed lined with shirts smelling like my family.  I promptly alert my parents it is time to get up after exactly 8 hours and it’s time to play! I show my older brother how to eat well by efficiently emptying my bowl at breakfast and dinner.  I go to the bathroom on the pad in the kitchen every time (well, most of the time) and I’m starting to learn that outside is another place to go!  Outside is my new favorite thing!  I love to prance down the path and sniff everything I see.  In the field, there are lots of leaves, sticks, and smells to be smelled.  In the evenings, my brother and I cuddle on the couch with the humans.  Life is good.