Pippa – Testimonial

Hi Carol,

I can not say enough good things about Carol who runs Have Havanese Puppy and her husband Dennis. The are very conscientious breeders who put the dogs and puppies first.  They keep their number of liters  low which is so telling about how they care for and nurture them. They truly love each puppy as their own and  take amazing care of them until the day you pick them up. Her communication is great and they are both so kind. The puppies were born before the pandemic and picked up in the heart of it, and they handled it all with such responsibility.

When we picked Pippa up Carol had the cutest baby bag put together for her with lots of goodies, extra food and a packed on such helpful information about the breed printed out and highlighted.

Our puppy slept through the night since day one! Which was incredible and showed how well they were cared for. Carol followed up to see how Pippa was doing multiple times which again shows that these are not just business transactions for her and how well these puppies are loved.

Our family is SO lucky and blessed that it happened to work out that we were able to get a female puppy in that liter formerly Willow – now Pippa.  She is an amazing puppy and blended right into our family immediately.

I can not recommend Carol enough as a breeder. I am so thoroughly impressed and again feel SO BLESSED that it worked out that we were lucky enough to be able to bring one of these puppies into our family. I truly can’t imagine life without her. I am so attached. She is an amazing puppy from an equally amazing breeder.

Thank you so much Carol (and Dennis!!!)


Harley (Sarah) is Loving Life

Hi, happy Friday! I just wanted to let you know that Harley is loving life. We just did a little eye, nail and hygiene trim. She looks so cute. 😍 We can’t bear to cut her puppy hair yet. So daily brushing and combing are the plan for the next few weeks and then we will have a complete grooming session.
Hope all is well with you. Have a nice weekend!

Harley with her new ShihTzu friends

Hi Carol,
I was just thinking about you. We are all doing well. 
.My husband and I drove up north this weekend to open my mom’s cottage and get it ready for her (she is finally returning from Florida next week!) My daughters watched the dogs and said it went really well. They said Harley has followed Zoey’s lead and goes to her crate when she’s tired. It’s so cute to watch her get up and go lay down in her “sanctuary “.

Harley did have her appointment on Friday. Everything was perfect. She is 5.6 lbs and thriving! She had all her shots, a fecal sample was checked and i received another dose of heartworm and flea/tick prevention. The doctor said she is simply perfect.
Harley is sleeping through the nights and usually wakes up at 6am when my husband goes to work. She takes care of her business and then goes back to sleep. 
She loves walks, socializing with the dogs next door, and laying in the grass watching the life around her.
I hope you and your husband are doing well. Take care and watch less news 🙂