Pippa (Willow) – Update

Hi Carol,

I can’t tell you how in love we are with Pippa – we feel so lucky that she came into our lives.
Our other dog (Louie) has really warmed up even more to her and he plays with her a lot – particularly first thing in the morning and then at night before bed. They are so funny together and have a good time running around. 
She has a spunky personality, but also loves to cuddle and be held. She is so sweet and gets a lot of attention from all members of the household. Everyone is crazy about her….  My husband is so fond of her – it is really sweet to see them together. 
She is potty training well too! And sleeping through the night. I get up with her pretty early, but she sleeps solidly which is great. .Thank you again for choosing our home for Pippa. She is the best. My mom is so in love with sweet Beau as well. What wonderful dogs!


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