Beau (Bradly) – Update

Hi Carol!

Beau is doing great.  He prefers the washable pad more that out side which is fine with me.  Loves his his toys, and sleeps a lot.  Funny tho as he definitely has his bewitching hour from about 7-9 pm….races around, jumps on my lap, brings me toys, he is very funny.  When playing I spend a lot of time on the floor with him. 

When he wakes in the morning (sleeps thru the night still) he loves to cuddle.  He also likes to keep me in his sight at all times. I still haven’t gone out except to your house and I think Beau and I will be home bound except for the yard for quite awhile, I do not like these projections and am fearful when MI opens back up.

He just feel asleep, I’m going to sneak him in his crate he loves in my bedroom and take shower while I can.  I just adore him, even tho he does keep me very busy…he is a doll.

Thank you sooooooooo much!

patti xo
PS, my house looks like a pet store, LOL

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