Alfie Update

Hi Carol,

I hope you, Denny, and the puppies, are doing well during during the quarantine. The dogs represent how many of us are feeling. We were supposed to travel to Palm Desert this week but postponed the trip until the Fall. I’m just thankful this quarantine didn’t take place last year before going to Africa. My memories are holding me together along with walks with the dogs.

Take care. Val

Charlie the Playful Pup

Hi Carol,

Hope all is well with you and your family during this crazy/scary time in our world!!

Charlie is doing wonderful!! We enjoy him so much!!❤️ He keeps us going each day with his playful personality and brings much joy during this time of social distancing!!

We were so excited to see the puppies on your website,

especially when we noticed they are Charlie’s brothers and sisters!! I have a neighbor who is interested and was wondering if any of them are still available? If so, are you allowing people to come and see them at this time? I believe she may have emailed you as well. Her name is Theresa. Let me know.

I attached a couple current pictures of Charlie!!🐶❤️

Take care,


Charlie - 2020
Charlie - 2020