Olivia Going for a Stroll

Hi Carol,

I hope you’re doing well. I just wanted to give you a quick update. Olivia is amazing!!!! She loves being around people and other dogs. Amir is excited because he taught her to high five. She’s getting smarter and smarter which is great except when it comes to her heartworm and flea/tick medicine. She’s figured out all the tricks we use to get her to take them. We’ve made a game out of who can get her to do it.

It was 50 degrees today so we got to go for a bit of a longer walk than usual. She loves being outside. I’m attaching a couple of pics.

I saw on your website you’ve got some new additions. I believe they are Olivia’s full brother and sisters. It must be so exciting!

Take care


Winston’s First Roadtrip

Hi Carol,

Hope all is well with your family.

We went for an extended weekend to visit our family and friends in Indianapolis. Winston was an awesome traveler. He was so well behaved. He had one minor misunderstanding when he mistook our daughter’s area rug for his pee pad. But he quickly caught on that he was to use the disposable pad only. We also took him outside if he hadn’t gone for a while. So one of the mornings I got up, put his harness and sweater on him. He seemed kind of bummed that he had to go out in the cold. So I said if you use your pee pad we don’t have to go outside. He ran over to his pad and went poddy. My daughter and her boyfriend laughed so hard as I stood in shock. He continues to amaze me.

We introduced him to our family’s close friend’s dog, a year old black lab named Blocker. He loved Winston, but could not respect Winston’s personal space. He kept sticking his nose all over him, especially his behind. We were very proud of Winston. He wanted to play so bad, but Blocker just wasn’t understanding Winston’s growls, teeth baring, and snaps. Blocker had a brother who died and I don’t think personal space was learned. Winston approached Blocker three times, but each time it didn’t go the way he wanted. Bob would stand so Winston could go around him to interact with Blocker, but he could withdraw behind Bob if he got overwhelmed and Bob could hold the Blocker back. We ended up holding Winston and blocking Blocker for the rest of our visit.

Our daughter lives in Broad Ripple and it is a very dog friendly neighborhood. Several restaurants had patios with heated outdoor seating. We didn’t bring his stroller. So we put a blanket on the chair and let him sit or lay on it. Most of the time he sat on the chair and flirted with the ladies. One of two women going into the restaurant commented “Oh look at that cute pup and he is so well behaved!” Everyone asks “What kind of dog is he?”

When we couldn’t take him in with us, he laid in his car seat and slept or people watched. He doesn’t bark!

Highlight is I got to sleep with my little guy. He was so good. He slept at bottom of bed. In morning after we woke, he would crawl up to give us loving. Kept teasing Bob that Winston could sleep with us now at home. But my slight allergies prevented him from agreeing.

He will be taking a trip with us in the Spring to meet our other daughter and Milo. Those two are going to be adorable together. Milo is very submissive and crawls on his belly up to new people and dogs. With dogs he is like, ok, I submit let’s get the chasing started. Since Winston loves to chase and be chased, I suspect he is going to have a great time.

Hope you are keeping warm.

Take care,
Christy and Winston