Winston – The Ladies Man

Hi Carol,

Winston enjoys going to daycare. He only goes if he seems bored and then at most once a week. Winter is hard to keep him stimulated. He doesn’t want to go out in the cold at all, unless it is sunny. Even if it is just long enough to get into the preheated car. He is adorable in his blue jacket with a fur hood. He has a gray wool sweater that he looks very handsome in too. If it is sunny, he will go out for about 5 minutes. He let’s me bundle him up and then he bolts out the door. He looks at me like aren’t you coming.

He passed his class with flying colors. He is so smart. Bob goes through all his commands daily. Bob tells Winston to sit and stay. Then Bob walks away about 15 feet. Then he says release and then Winston heel. Winston races over and sits right next to his left heel. He rolls over and sometimes just does it for fun without being asked.

He seems to understand way more than dogs are supposed to understand. Bob was leaving to take him to the dog park one day. He told Winston go say good bye to mommy. Winston bolted into my office and gave me a couple kisses and raced back to Bob. Today I told him Daddy has something for you in the kitchen. He looked at me. I pointed over my shoulder into kitchen and Winston raced in there to Bob.

He is a lady’s man. He has a Shitizu girlfriend named Sweetie who he loves to chase and be chased by. Then they will cuddle each other. It is sooooo cute. He also like Tubby a female bull dog. Then there is Rolo who is some kind of doodle that looks like that dog on the muppets. He is the only Male dog that Winston really seems to like.

He has started folding his pad over where he has peed on his pee pads. It is comical to watch cause he is pretty committed to getting it folded just right to cover where he peed. We can’t figure out why.

I am hosting Christmas, but some family is coming for Thanksgiving too. So busy holidays this year

I wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving and a joyful Christmas.