Maggie Enjoys Time on the Porch

Hi Carol,

We were out on the deck, and the kids jumped up on the footstool together — they are so cute!! They both are also enjoying being outside as much as possible. They run around all day, have puppy frenzies together, and are super tired at the end of the day.

Maggie went to puppy school, and thought she was the boss of everyone! She was very tentative at first, but soon found her courage and had all kinds of fun. She’s really good with sit and come, pretty good with down, and an excited-work-in-progress with stay. We say this all the time, but it’s so true — Maggie has a wonderful disposition! She is sweet and loving, loves to cuddle, and wants to please. And she’s smart! What a great combination!! She gets lots of hugs & kisses, and I’ll give her extras from you!

This past Saturday, I got up, with Maggie and Ollie both sleeping on the bed. Ollie went over to my pillow to put his head down to go back to sleep, and about 30 seconds later Maggie got up, walked over to Ollie, and curled up against him. They have really bonded so well!

Take care,