Olivia – Update

Hi Carol,

I hope you’re doing well. Olivia got spayed today. Surgery went well. She also got her microchip put in. We just brought her home. She’s a little tired, but still her usual cheerful self. Her tail was wagging at 100 miles an hour as soon as she saw the boys. Just like everywhere we go, everyone at the vet was taking about how cute and well behaved she is.

I feel so bad for her with the cone around her head. 😥



Charlie – Loving His New Family

Hi Carol,

Just wanted to update you on Charlie and thank you for raising such an adorable little guy!!

In my first conversation with you, I could feel the love and concern you have for your puppies and I was very impressed by that. I appreciate all the advice & suggestions you gave to me before we brought Charlie home. It made the transition for Charlie and us very smooth.

Charlie’s first appointment with his veterinarian was great. The Dr. said he was a healthy little guy and very well behaved! The paperwork you sent with all his recorded vaccinations made everything easy for the doctor. We did have Charlie neutered this past Monday and he is recovering very well from his surgery!

Charlie loves to play and he seems to like the toys you sent home with him best:) He is full of “fun” energy and loves to explore. He now has full roam of the house, and we use a pen when we are gone for short periods. He sleeps beside our bed at night and goes to sleep with out a peep!! He is eating the food you recommended, and potty training has gone very well. I wasn’t sure how he would adjust from the pad training to outside training, but it was pretty easy.

I can tell you spend a lot of time with the puppies you raise. From day one Charlie loved to be held and gave lots of kisses!!❤️ He also, let me brush him, look in his mouth & ears, and wipe his eye area without a fuss. He listened well and even knew the meaning of some command words. It certainly has made the beginning training easy on us!!❤️

Charlie is a very special little guy and a lot of that comes from his beginning!! Thank you for all the time and love you devoted to Charlie…we are so grateful and enjoy him so much!!!❤️🐶