Winston – Update


Winston has been the best puppy! A lot of the credit besides genetics goes to Carol who has worked with him. We choose to brush him daily, sometimes twice. Often he falls over in our lap on his back and even falls asleep while we are brushing him. He lets us look in and touch his ears. I can hold his paws and look in his mouth. He only had three accidents and that was because he was mixing our green carpeting up as being grass. We have him going inside or outside whichever he chooses to use. I think the ease of this was because of Carol too. She cares so much about her puppies, even sending a little care package for them as they leave with a toy and lots of information. The vet was impressed that we had records that she provided of his medical history. We thank Carol for a wonderful sweet puppy. If we ever decide to get a brother or sister for Winston, we will definitely go through Carol again, we highly recommend her. I went through a breeder in the past that is no comparison to Carol. She has raised the bar.