Olivia – Update

Hi Carol,

It’s been a little while so I wanted to give you an update on Olivia. She’s doing fantastic! She has been such a joy for us to have as part of our family. Everywhere we take her everyone absolutely fawns over her. The principal at my son’s elementary school has even adopted her as their official school pup! She really likes people, but will always let us know if a stranger approaches the house.

She’s been through her first set of doggy classes. We are using Canine College in Farmington Hills. She’s learned a few tricks as well as polite greeting. She’s amazing when we take her out for walks, and yes, we make sure the sidewalk is not too hot. She’s made friends with the puppy next door. They really like to play together.

She’s now done with all her puppy shots and will be getting spade and chipped next month. The vet has given her a 100% clean bill of health.

We are so thankful to you and all the help you gave us during the adoption process. We couldn’t have asked for a sweeter dog. The boys absolutely adore their little sister.

Ali and Annissa