Maggie – Doing Great, Enjoying the Day with Big Brother Ollie


We are so grateful that we were able to bring Maggie into our family! She is so sweet and cuddly (she loves to give kisses and nap on your lap), and so funny to watch when she’s a blur of puppy energy! You and your husband are very kind, and it’s obvious that you love all of your puppies like your your own babies. Maggie has a wonderful personality, and everyone who meets her just loves her. She loves to play with Ollie, our 3 year old Havanese. And I think she’s met every kid in the neighborhood on our walks — everyone comes over to see her!

Our experience with you was so much better than the prior breeder we had. We are very grateful for the amount of time you devote to your puppies and that you continue to check in on how Maggie is doing! I know that you will always be there if we need advice. We are so lucky we found you and that we have Maggie!!

We’ll send you updates on Maggie so that you can see her grow up!


Lucy’s Enjoying the Sun


Here is Lucy laying outside today. She loved the nice weather. My oldest daughter graduated from college last week and my middle daughter just finished her second year of college. My son will be a senior in high school next year. Nick and Lucy take naps together after school ever day. When I come home from work Lucy always greats me at the door with lots of kisses. She is our little baby😊.


Abbie’s 1st Birthday


Abbie will be 12 months old tomorrow. She is doing great. She is so much fun.  Abbie got a new hair cut for her birthday party.🎉🎈She is playing with her wishing star in the pictures. Things are going great with her.  She is not sure that she likes the rain we have been having lately, but will learn to like it just like she learned to love the snow. Abbie is a wonderful addition to our family and we have you to thank for that.😊

Angel’s Easter Update

Good morning Carol,

We had a Blessed Easter with our new little Angel. We adore her so very much. Hope you had a wonderful Easter as well. She loves her walks and being outside. We have had quite a bit of rain this week but I am thinking next week, we will try the potty training out on the grass. The girls have been teaching her tricks and she is amazing. She sits, lays down, shakes a paw, rolls over and their favourite ‘dance around’ on her hind legs! We put bells on the door to eventually teach her to ring when she needs to go out. I will send you some of the pics I took at Easter.

I give her many hugs and kisses for you daily.

Best wishes to you and your family,