Angel Enjoying Her New Home


Hi Carol

I just wanted to give you an update on Angel in her new home.  She is settling in very well.  We love her so much!  We set up a play pen just like yours in our living room which is open to our dining room and kitchen.  She has lots of room and loves her bed and new toys.  She is doing excellent on the pee pads just as she was doing with you at around 90%.  She has an amazing personality, lots of spunk while at the same time loves to cuddle.  Once in a while we let her out for short periods and she runs laps around our dining room table!  The girls are being very cautious and don’t ever want to leave her side.  They cried over having to leave her to go to school today.  I reassured them that she was in good hands with Karey and I.  She is getting lots of attention constantly and enjoys being on our laps.  At night time, we have been putting her in the 8 section play pen in our bedroom with her bed and a pee pad.  She cries at little at the beginning but settles down quickly.  The girls slept with us the first night too because they wanted to be close to Angel.  And she is an early riser with tons of energy!!  Not sure what time she woke up at your house but the first morning was 5:30am 😉

Hope all is well with you both and the puppies! 
Thank you again for everything.  I will keep in touch.