Four Adorable Puppies Hoping to be Chosen

Spring is here and these four adorable puppies are hoping to be chosen for their new home. Click on the links below to see a photo gallery of each puppy.

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Emir & Freda’s Puppy – Fancy
Emir & Annie’s Puppy – Maggie Mae
Fancy’s – Photo Gallery
Maggie Mae’s – Photo Gallery
twoBytwo twoBytwo
Emir & Annie’s Puppy – Charlie
Emir & Annie’s Puppy – Winston
Charlie’s – Photo Gallery
Winston’s – Photo Gallery

Update on Winne and Daisy


Hi Carol

The girls are doing well. They were sitting for me while I gathered all their stuff together to go to the groomers so I grabbed a picture. As you can see Daisy is definitely bigger than little petite Winnie. Don’t let that her size fool you-she is in charge. Daisy follows her everywhere.
Daisy loved the snow this winter. She absolutely hates the rain however. They both love it when Alex comes home for a weekend. The girls are getting used to our grandson Theo when he visits. They keep stealing his little chewy toys and taking them to their crate. Meal time is their favorite when he is here. It’s so cute-they sit by his chair waiting for finger snacks to fall then race to grab it.
Hope all is well with your family.
Best wishes.

Kristen T.