Merry Christmas – Tasha

Hi Carol and Dennis

More pups.  Wow you are lucky.  Our little Tasha is having the life that all little fur people should have.  Not only do we love her but our friends also love her.  The people who once came to see us.,.now come to se Tasha.  She just received a large package of new toys …I got nothing!  Merry Christmas….John!  

Abbie Update

Hi Carol,   Abbie had a great Christmas.  She got her own Xmas stocking that she loves to chew on.  She also got a Remote control car that she loves playing with.  She actually will go to Pete and beg him to start the car up. It is so much fun watching her play.     We had lots of company.  She loved playing with the little kids and they loved playing with her.  She was a good girl.  She did not get into the Xmas presents or the Xmas ornaments.     Today she is not feeling very good.  We had her spayed and micro chipped yesterday.  She is taking it real easy today, and I am sure she is trying to figure out what she did that made us do this to her.  Hopefully tomorrow she will start feeling better. Hope you had a great holiday.Pete, Galene & Abbie