Warming up after my bath.

Jeter the HavaneseIt has been awhile since I sent you an update on Jeter.  This picture was taken this morning as he dried off in front of the fireplace.  He had just survived a bath!  Lol Actually he is very good for both a bath and combing.
We continue to have so much fun with him.  He is such a smart little guy with a laid back personality.  He loves school, as I call it.  This is when we practice his special tricks like shake.  He has the basic “good puppy” come, stay, sit, lie down and stay down ( when people come into the condo) mastered. He enjoys walks around the condo complex and barking at the ducks.  He has many friends and often gets invited in to visit.  His next vet appointment is in a couple of weeks. At that time we will make an appointment for neutering him. His teeth are now coming in nicely and his naughty chewing has diminished.  We continue to supply him with new toys to keep him occupied and stimulated.  He eats very well with an occasional treat of cooked chicken breast on his morning meal.  His favorite treat remains dried sweet potato chips.  He sleeps well at night, usually 11 pm to 7:30 am.  He has been totally housebroken since 5 months.  It is hard to believe he is now 6 months old.  He does not like the rain so time for a jacket.  I will send you a picture again soon.  Hope you are having a nice fall.