Stanley & Ebbie Update

Hi Carol,
Stanley & Ebbie are such a joy, & have such wonderful personalities. I am so thankful for them.
They put a smile on everyones face. Stanley still loves to put his head on whoever’s
shoulder that picks him up. He gives nose pumps instead of kisses, & once in a while
he will sneak a kiss for just me. Abbie is such a Sweet, & Gentle Soul. She loves to
give lots of kisses to everyone. I warn everyone that she is a kisser.

Kim, Stanley & Ebbie

Jeter is making so many friends

Jeter the HavaneseJeter is making so many friends around here. Everyone thinks he is the sweetest, most polite little guy. He is potty trained to outside. He has not had any accidents in the house for over a week.

Jeter loves to go for walks. We usually go for one in the condo neighborhood 2 to 3 times a day. He also likes sitting out in the front yard, with one of us, watching the construction of the new condo across the street. He does not appear to be afraid of the noises. Last weekend he went with us and some friends on a pontoon boat for the day. He loved it. Especially riding on my lap so the wind could blow his ears back. The weather was perfect! He even went and sat by the door that he came through to get on the boat telling us he had to go potty. Good thing there was a docking area near where we could get off and go for a walk.

Abbie’s first camping experiences

Sunday 8/26/18 we move to Pioneer Park Campground. Confused by new surroundings. Late that night we had worst severe thunderstorm I can ever remember. Literally scared the “crap” out of Abbie. She hates rain, but did her duty surrounded by lotsa lightening and thunder. She didn’t take long.

Monday 8/27/18 severe weather round two. Lightening struck very close to our camper and thunder scared both Abbie and Galene. She slept in our bed laying on our heads wondering why this was happening.
Storm done by 7:30am. Life is better. Pictures show her relaxed and inquisative, same as usual.

Like me, she prefers her own bed and home.