JJ Portrait

How special …. my mom’s friend painted this portrait of me, for their wedding day.
Pretty Cute heh ?

Danny Update

Danny the HavaneseHi Carol,
How are you? Haven’t written in a while and I took this picture of our smiling doggie tonight and I thought you’d like it.
What a terrific little dog Danny is!!! We three are so happy together. He is very fit and healthy. We had quite a time with car sickness but he seems to have out grown that. In fact he seems to do better with something in his stomach when going for a ride in the car.
In June we moved back to Sault Ste. Marie…hated to leave our lovely house by the water but needed to be closer for my Mom and family.
Hope all is well with you!


When we decided the time was right to adopt another dog we looked long and hard before choosing the next addition to our family. Should we choose a puppy or a dog already trained?Big dog or small? What traits did we want? And most importantly which breeder do we choose?
We decided on a puppy, small dog, lively but loyal, and a breeder not too far away. We chose a havanese puppy from Carol Kennedy’s havahavanesepuppy.com in Charlotte Mi.
We could not have done better anywhere! We adopted Abbie, born May 5, 2018. She is the most lovable live wire anywhere. She has a personality unlike any other dog we’ve ever had and gives us hours of joy and laughter. We really love her. Our vet gives Carol high marks for the healthy little bundle of joy, records in order & shots and vaccinations are on schedule. We chose well.
We recommend Carol and the ha vanese puppies she raises without any reservations.
This is our Abbie:

Jeter Update

Hi everyone:
My name is Jeter and I am 14 weeks old.  I live with my forever family in Holland, Michigan.  I was born on May 6.  Carol Kennedy, Havahavanese, was my breeder mom.  My parents have told me many times how wonderful she is.
There were three in my litter, my two sisters and I.  When my new family came to visit they were so impressed with the care we were receiving.  We had yummy food to eat, fresh water to drink, toys to play with and soft beds for sleeping.  All of our daily needs were taken care of in a loving way by Carol.
While living with Carol we were taken to the Veterinarian twice.  I didn’t really like the experience, since we received puppy shots, but knew it must be good for my health.  After each visit my Holland family was given a report by Carol.  That made them happy!
Carol also did a great job with socialization which is so important at an early age.  She talked to me, picked me up for an extra snuggle, let me watch TV in the evening while on her lap and generally helped me learn that the life of a puppy will be good.
According to my mom I am currently a “well adjusted and behaved puppy”.  I have gained about 2 1/4 pounds since moving to Holland.  I currently weigh 7 pounds and 14 ounces.  I have many friends in the neighborhood and I like to visit with them when we are on our daily walks.  I have a special friend, Maggie the Poodle, who lives next door.  My family says I am smart!  I have learned the rules of potty training…” No No Jeter, Outside “!  I have also learned to ring the bells when it is time to take me out.  I sit when told, especially when a car is approaching while on our walks.  I have also learned to feel safe in my crate while sleeping at night.  I am currently working on the suggestions of “lie down and stay”.  The special little cookies I get and my mom’s praises make it easy to learn.
My favorite things to do during the day include, playing with the shoestring on my dad’s tennis shoes, lying on the vent when the air conditioner comes on , playing with toys, going for rides in the car, taking an early morning walk with my mom, and receiving snuggles!  It is fun being a puppy!
All of my successes in life so far my parents say are thanks to my early life with Carol.  So if you want a wonderful, happy, smart, well adjusted puppy like me contact Carol.

Winnie & Daisy

Winny and Daisy Havanese PuppiesWe have 2 wonderful puppies from Carol in the last year. Winnie came us in August 2017. She has been such a sweet and loving little princess that my husband didn’t think I was crazy when I suggested another puppy. I didn’t even question who to contact for another puppy. Daisy came to us a few weeks ago. She is full with of life and has taken to Winnie without any problems. One is always looking for the other.  They are absolutely beautiful  precious dogs. This is a testament to Carol and how she breeds and cares her dogs and also  cares for the puppies after they are born. She puts a lot of love and time into her passion and it shines thru when you meet her puppies. Our vet loves our girls when they come in.  She comments on how strong and healthy they are but that they both have a fantastic personality and are well behaved from the very first visit. 
I could not recommend anyone more strongly than Carol as a breeder. Her pups are loved from the beginning and it really shows when you bring them home.

Jeter Update

Jeter the Havanese PuppyGood Morning Carol: 
I have attached two pictures of Jeter in his favorite places.  The first is lying on top of the air conditioner vent in the sunroom.  He loves to nap there and play with his favorite chew toys.  The second is also in the sunroom flat on his back, snoring! 
He is house trained.  He has had no accidents inside for three days now.  The only difficulty is getting him to tell us.  He quietly goes and sits by the front door in the hopes that one of us will see him.  We continue to work on ringing the bells.  He does it but not consistently.  So we have added a treat and that has improved how often he does it!
He has adjusted so well to friends and family.

Daisy Update

I got a nice picture of Daisy today.
They are always together so it’s hard to get just her. She follows Winnie everywhere and Winnie is really watching out for her. It’s sweet to see. They are both exhausted by the end of the day! It takes me forever to pick all the toys and chew sticks up at night.