Jeter Update

Good Morning:
Jeter is doing great.  His vet appointment was great.  The vet complimented you as a “very good breeder”.  We concurred!  He is healthy, weighed 5.8 pounds, and handled the appointment very well.  He has bonded to both Bill and I.  He has learned the command come and responds appropriately every time.  We are working on crate training.  He is now going in and lying down for a short period of time.  He is fed his meals in there and he seems to enjoy that.  He is eating well and has learned to slow down.  He is doing very well on housebreaking.  If he has an accident in the house it is because we did not pick up on his signal.  He is a funny little guy with a happy disposition.  He seems to have adjusted well to the construction noises around here.  Most of the time he ignores them. We are really enjoying him and he is loved much.  He plays hard and naps regularly as you can see by the attached picture.  One of his favorite activities is spending time outside on our patio.  It’s nice that it has been cooler for him.  So all seems to be going well. 
I will try to send pictures and updates frequently.  I know how much you love your puppies!  Have a great day️♥️

Shadow Update

Hi Carol! So much going on! But first …… shadow! She continues to be the sweetest, loving little rascal ever! she is so smart! The little imp knows when she’s into something she shouldn’t be, but it’s hard for me to get upset with her.and I swear she’s starting to understand what i say! I am so crazy over her!

Lucy Update!

Hi Carol,
Lucy has been such a joy in our lives. She got to meet everybody at her daddy’s work today and they all loved her. She is heading up north next week for her first family vacation in Charlevoix! Can’t wait to make new memories with our sweet new baby !!
God bless,

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