Sophie Update

Hello Carol,

It’s been awhile since we sent an update with Sophie and we thought her 1st birthday was appropriate! Sophie is still great and smarter than ever! She continues to be a blessing in our lives. She remains small! About 8lbs. I check your updates and laugh when I read the others updates like Shadow and her eating habits. So totally Sophie. Doesn’t care that much about her food but very interested in everyone elses or another dogs food. She continues to be a great “therapy” dog without being a therapy dog! We had to put my mother in an assisted living facility so we get there every week. Not every day like when she was in rehab. but she is so good and knows just how to behave and be comforting!

Jared is about to finish his first year of middle school! I don’t know how it went so fast. He loves having a puppy again! Sophie can’t wait to wake him up every morning! We contemplate getting another one. We watched Lil’ girl for the longest time and Troy was ready to jump on a plane and come get her but we have a big wedding in July and timing wasn’t quite right. I see the new litter! We continue to follow and when/if we are ready, you may get a call from us! Sophie so loves having another dog around. She wants a playmate! Of course, she thinks that would be a great 1st birthday gift! We are transitioning from her puppy food and is doing well. Attached is a picture of Miss Sophie. She’s a little scruffy! Needing a bath but lovable all the same.

We hope all is well there.

Holly, Troy and Jared Salisbury

JJ formerly Chip

Hi Carol,

So I am just going to write a little something in this email and you can forward it to your son and he can copy and paste to your website. 
First let me say if you are looking for a dog to be a companion this is the breed for you. I have had my havanese JJ for a month now and don’t know what I ever did without him. They are so sweet and smart… now with that being said there are a lot of breeders out there but none like Carol Kennedy. She takes such good care of your puppy before you get him. I have never known a breeder to take one on one time with each puppy every evening and form a loving bond with them. Carol is also very selective in who gets one of her puppies so if you are chosen you should feel very special as she is looking out for each and every puppy she has. I would never go anywhere else for another puppy. 

Valerie Lightbody

Alfie has been part of our home for one month and what a little joy he has been. I think the loving care you gave him and his litter mates is evident, being he is such a happy, silly and smart little guy, and did I mention super cute? 
Our vet commented Alfie is perfect and she said you demonstrated good qualities of being a conscientious breeder.  Remember, I couldn’t understand why we had to wait for Alfie to be 11 weeks old before we could bring him home?  I now know the importance of that timeframe.
He came to us being aware of what to do with a pee pad and we are grateful for that.  He and I are learning the nuances of house training. He has learned to come and sit. Thanks, Carol for guiding me into becoming a new puppy parent. Your patience with my numerous questions has been so appreciated.  I know you worry about each of your babies and I promise I will love and protect him. Thank you.
Valerie Lightbody
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Stanley Update

We like to refer to Stanley as our “empty nest puppy”. We found ourselves with two college age kids and the house a little to quiet. With my husband and our son having allergies we never entertained the idea of a puppy. Suddenly, I found myself researching hypoallergenic dogs and came across the Havanese. I emailed a couple breeders and Carol responded immediately. We had a phone conversation and even knowing we had never had a puppy, Carol was more than willing to take us under her wing and teach us everything we needed to know and everything we needed to get for the new pup.
Stanley has been such a joy to us. He brings a smile to everyone’s face. He is such a happy pup who loves to run,  play with his toys and meet new (human and animal) friends.
We couldn’t have found a better breeder than Carol. She truly loves what she does and puts her whole heart into these pups. She continues to check up on us and I know if I need puppy raising advise,  she is only an email away.
The Banky Family
Walker,Kim, Jillian and Nathan

Logan update

We recently adopted a puppy from Carol and could not be happier.  Carol really cares about her dogs and their puppies and it shows in everything she does.  She is very careful when selecting homes for her pups.  She makes sure the person wanting a pup is the right fit and understands the long term comittment of getting a puppy.  Her pups are raised as part of her family in a loving home so are well socialized and comfortable around people and other dogs. Our puppy,Logan,is healthy and happy and adapted easily to her new environment in large part to the care and love she received from Carol before we brought her home.  If you want to adopt a Havanese, Carol is the breeder you should contact.

Testimonial from Lucy’s mom

Carol, we want to thank you so much for blessing us with our sweet Lucy! She has brought so much joy and love to our home. She sleeps in her crate all night long and has learned how to sit, stay, shake and rollover in only a few weeks. Carol you did such a good job giving her the love and care she needed before becoming a part of our family !!

The Kehrig’s

Hattie is such a wonderful puppy

Our Hattie is such a wonderful puppy with just the right amount of energy. She plays so well with us and by herself and her favorite toy is her pink piggy which she is beginning to know the name of. She is so full of love and joy that I cannot get enough of her. It took her only a couple of days to learn to potty outside and when necessary to use her pee pads indoors. Thank you for your dedication to breeding such great puppies in a clean and loving home. Hattie came to us confident and happy. I appreciate your total willingness to talk and answer questions. Thank you Carol, I will always take great care of her, Sande