Good morning!

Good morning! My hairdresser was telling me all about her Havanese little boy the other day and now I am obsessed! Can you please tell me about when your next litter will be born? My daughter plays spring soccer so even though I see you have two puppies available, life is a little crazy right now, but slows down considerably in June.
Thank you!

Cole & Bear Super Heros

Hi Carol,
How are you? I hope this emails finds you well! Gansett turned 8 years old on 3/5 (which seems impossible) and I wanted to drop you a note to say hello! Gansett and Narra are doing wonderfully. Narra is 3 – turning 4 in June. And the kiddo in the pic, Cole, is 2. The dogs are wonderful with their “little” brother. And they even play dress-up for him. haha. They are all our babies.

Just wanted you to know how much your puppies are loved.
Have a great day!

Talia’s 6th birthday!

Hello Carol,

It’s us, the Adams family and Tali, from Virginia.  We were thinking about you this weekend, as today is Talia’s 6th birthday!  Although she is six years old, she’s still very much the same puppy!  Cute as ever and…





VERY Smart



Super patient




Loud…we thought Havanese didn’t bark much.

Our daughter’s Buddy and my Shadow Enjoys playing hide and seek Barks at the deer and cows…every time she goes out.  Goes a little wild and crazy when we put her on a bed – every time! Still has the same favorite Sherpa squeaky from when she was a puppy…although, it’s been replaced several times. Loves car rides – short outings or long road trips. Last summer she traveled with us to go see the eclipse in Tennessee. Her language skills have become more advanced. 😉 She growls, grunts, barks, huffs or sneezes to communicate her “needs” to us.  She also makes sounds that seem like she’s saying, “Hey,” “I love you!” “Mama,” “I missed you,” and “Papa” (for my dad) and probably a few other things we have yet to translate.

Talia is such a blessing to our lives. She keeps us laughing and entertained with her funny antics, but mostly she is pure joy and a special member of our family!  Even though she’s six years old, she will likely always be a puppy to us.

We hope you and your husband are well, Carol!  Looks like you’re busy with a new litter.  Super cute little lovies!!

Many blessings,

Terri and Kevin