Shadow Update

It’s been a month since I brought our little Havanese puppy home. We renamed her Shadow, because as soon as I put her down she was always by my side. I found the “Havavanesepuppy” site while looking for a breeder in Michigan. I contacted a few, but Carol was the only one that responded right away, and, she had puppies that were ready to start their new lives. Her web site stated that all the puppies were kept in her home and given individual attention everyday! Hard to believe! I made an appointment to go see the puppy expecting to be hit with the smell of 11 puppies! The house not only smelled just fine, the whole area was kept clean and she had arranged wonderful spaces for all her puppies. She invited me into the area and took out the one puppy I had my eye on, then she took out another and another and I was surrounded by all this puppy love and lots of kisses. They were all so wonderful and adorable. All the puppies seemed very happy, which was something I was looking for. I had no doubt that these little guys and gals were very well cared for. I ended up with our little gal (not the one I thought I had wanted) and we have been happy ever after. Being a new widow, she has brought me countless hours of love and amusement. She has slept curled up, next to me since night 1. Carol had already pad trained her puppies, which was a huge plus for me! Shadow is smart, and as sweet as can be. I have just started with some simple commands, and she picks them up right away. If my life were more stable, there is no question that I’d be living with Shadow and one of her siblings. “Havahavanese” has completely own my confidence and respect.

We found havahavanese on line

We found havahavanese on line and were convinced to go to see the puppies in their photo gallery by the description of their vet care and the breeders obvious concern that the pups go to good homes. A very clean large living area in the home was converted for the litter. There is one litter a year from each of two sets of parents. The puppies are well socialized doted upon little angels. This breeder is happy to answer buyers future questions and to learn how her pups are faring in their homes. Our vet gave our little guy a “perfect” report. We think he is perfect too. Frances U