Update from Holly

We had been looking for a dog/puppy for about a year. It didn’t use to be so hard to find a dog but with
the internet, and puppy mills, etc. it proved way more difficult than we had thought. We wanted a non-
shedding dog and were looking at Havanese and Goldendoodles. We have friends that have a Havanese
and really love their personalities. When I came across Carol’s listing on Puppyfind.com, I could tell this
was someone who really cared about her puppies. From her descriptions, to pictures, Carol was
different than the rest. I called and talked to her several times. She was always happy to answer
questions. I was still a little bit leary and worried about buying a puppy over the internet and long
distance. Things can go wrong. Just do your homework, be smart and really try to get to know the
seller/breeder! Carol was always available for questions and concerns!
Sophie won our hearts and we decided to make her a part of our family even though it would be sight
unseen and a trip from Colorado to Michigan to purchase her. As I told Carol, I know we could have
bought a cheaper dog but we truly wanted a good, ethical breeder and a puppy that had been loved.
My husband flew to get Sophie and after meeting and spending some time with Carol and Denny, he
knew we had made the absolute right choice. Carol says they come pre-loved. You can tell that they
are. I might even venture to say they might be a little pre-spoiled too!
Sophie has been a blessing and a wonderful addition to our family. We would not hesitate to
recommend Carol to anyone wanting a puppy and we would purchase from her again! Thank you for
making our family complete with a wonderful, smart, happy puppy!