Hi Carol!
I’ve been thinking about you lately. I’ve looked at your puppies online and they are adorable!! Hannah is going to be visiting you for a Mia twin in about a year. She can’t get over how fun she is. I can only imagine how hard it is to place puppies. Knowing me, I’d just keep them all. Ha.
All my pups are doing well. This week was bath week. I only have one that minds it. Both Mia and Piper like to be groomed. In fact, Mia is relentless with her paw! She just will not let you stop petting her. She does it to all of us. I have some funny pictures for you. And all you have to do is talk in a high pitch and say ,”Good Girl!”  and she jumps just like she did at your house! She is funny! Mia and Piper still rough house for sure but they like each other quite a bit. Really from day one. It’s so funny, I really think I can read her mind. She’ll look at Gracie for example, and then turn around and go look for Piper as if to say, “Nope, I want my best friend.”
Mia does take some time to warm up to guests but then she’s hooked. Typical havanese.
I still have her in a semi long coat but we may have to go puppy soon. Her undercoat is very thick and hard to detangle even tho I brush her out everyday. And her fur is straight. Pipers is very thin and curly. I do like that detangler you told me about. It makes them so soft. I’ll bet Sonny hair is really full by now!! He was adorable.
You know, if you ever have an older puppy in the future, a girl, think of Hannah.  I thought it might be nice for Hannah to get an older dog but maybe not. Idk. Worked out great for me. There’s a lot of advantages to an older dog as long as they’ve been socialized .  ? ok…. here comes some of my latest pics!!

She jumped up and then looked at me like…”Now how do I get down?”

With my son in law…
> They all sit at the top of the stairs waiting for me until I start up and then they all stand……like I’m the queen.  So so funny.
> And yes, who can’t appreciate a dollar!!

Not happy to be inside when we’re outside!!And, my all time favorite,  she literally fell asleep on the Bible!!  What a good puppy!???

Well, that’s all for now. Hope you’re both doing well and can rest a bit this fall.
From your fellow havanese lover,