All about Chewie (Formally Toby)

All about Chewie’s First Week at His New Home

Hi Carol,

I’ve been thinking about writing you today so your timing is perfect.  We do have a pet sitter but since I’ve been working from home I haven’t had to have her stop by to do anything yet.  She has met him and he had no problems getting to know her.  
This week has been so awesome with having Chewie in our home.  He’s completely comfortable as if he’s been here forever.  He’s already beginning to learn his new name and will come if you call him.  He’s learned to go up and down the few steps we have off the back porch to go outside to do his business.  (We have Obi to thank for teaching him this)  We are working on his outside skills.  So far he’s done pretty good.  We’ve also started with crate training a little here and there.  Since his crate is his nighttime bed he’s adjusting to it well and just sleeps.  Obi and Chewie have become buds. We call them “brothers from different mothers”.  Obi is like the mature adult standing to the side and watching quietly as Chewie learns the lessons that he learned back when.  It’s so entertaining to watch them play.  Obi is so patient with him.  Chewie is rambunctious and loves to tear after Obi biting his ear, pulling his tail, and biting his leg. If Obi doesn’t feel like playing he just sits there and takes it until Chewie stops.  Other times they are running around the house chasing each other.  Chewie has a favorite little ball that we play with daily.  He’s learned that if he brings it back to me he gets to go chase it again.  He is just the biggest and sweetest little guy.  We continue to love his snuggles every day.  If this is what a week brings I can only imagine what a year brings.    
I hope Molly is getting along ok without him.  Have you found anyone that’s interested in her?

Mia update

Hi Carol,
I am happy that Toby found a nice home. I told my friend, Emily K, about Mia.  You might hear from her.
Winston is getting used to the house and less shy by the hour. He loves his toys, especially the teething ones. Today he went to the. Vet and had his 3rd shot. Rabies will be in 2 weeks. She said he was perfect in every way, and “Well socialized.”  No patella problems and he has doubled his weight.  Last night he missed his brother and former home for about half the night. I think he might have potty trained himself because he has done everything outside. He really likes being outside us.  And yes, what a mama,’s boy! 
Thanks for raising such fine puppies. We did not know what to expect when we came. How delightful to find such a lovely home.

Update from Holly

We had been looking for a dog/puppy for about a year. It didn’t use to be so hard to find a dog but with
the internet, and puppy mills, etc. it proved way more difficult than we had thought. We wanted a non-
shedding dog and were looking at Havanese and Goldendoodles. We have friends that have a Havanese
and really love their personalities. When I came across Carol’s listing on, I could tell this
was someone who really cared about her puppies. From her descriptions, to pictures, Carol was
different than the rest. I called and talked to her several times. She was always happy to answer
questions. I was still a little bit leary and worried about buying a puppy over the internet and long
distance. Things can go wrong. Just do your homework, be smart and really try to get to know the
seller/breeder! Carol was always available for questions and concerns!
Sophie won our hearts and we decided to make her a part of our family even though it would be sight
unseen and a trip from Colorado to Michigan to purchase her. As I told Carol, I know we could have
bought a cheaper dog but we truly wanted a good, ethical breeder and a puppy that had been loved.
My husband flew to get Sophie and after meeting and spending some time with Carol and Denny, he
knew we had made the absolute right choice. Carol says they come pre-loved. You can tell that they
are. I might even venture to say they might be a little pre-spoiled too!
Sophie has been a blessing and a wonderful addition to our family. We would not hesitate to
recommend Carol to anyone wanting a puppy and we would purchase from her again! Thank you for
making our family complete with a wonderful, smart, happy puppy!

Rosey Update

Hi Carol!
I’ve been thinking about you lately. I’ve looked at your puppies online and they are adorable!! Hannah is going to be visiting you for a Mia twin in about a year. She can’t get over how fun she is. I can only imagine how hard it is to place puppies. Knowing me, I’d just keep them all. Ha.
All my pups are doing well. This week was bath week. I only have one that minds it. Both Mia and Piper like to be groomed. In fact, Mia is relentless with her paw! She just will not let you stop petting her. She does it to all of us. I have some funny pictures for you. And all you have to do is talk in a high pitch and say ,”Good Girl!”  and she jumps just like she did at your house! She is funny! Mia and Piper still rough house for sure but they like each other quite a bit. Really from day one. It’s so funny, I really think I can read her mind. She’ll look at Gracie for example, and then turn around and go look for Piper as if to say, “Nope, I want my best friend.”
Mia does take some time to warm up to guests but then she’s hooked. Typical havanese.
I still have her in a semi long coat but we may have to go puppy soon. Her undercoat is very thick and hard to detangle even tho I brush her out everyday. And her fur is straight. Pipers is very thin and curly. I do like that detangler you told me about. It makes them so soft. I’ll bet Sonny hair is really full by now!! He was adorable.
You know, if you ever have an older puppy in the future, a girl, think of Hannah.  I thought it might be nice for Hannah to get an older dog but maybe not. Idk. Worked out great for me. There’s a lot of advantages to an older dog as long as they’ve been socialized .  ? ok…. here comes some of my latest pics!!

She jumped up and then looked at me like…”Now how do I get down?”

With my son in law…
> They all sit at the top of the stairs waiting for me until I start up and then they all stand……like I’m the queen.  So so funny.
> And yes, who can’t appreciate a dollar!!

Not happy to be inside when we’re outside!!And, my all time favorite,  she literally fell asleep on the Bible!!  What a good puppy!???

Well, that’s all for now. Hope you’re both doing well and can rest a bit this fall.
From your fellow havanese lover,


Tasha update (formerly Sadie)

Hi Carol,
Several weeks ago we lost our family pet due to cancer. She was family and our best friend so the hurt was tremendous. The hurt just refused to go away and we have had pet dogs for all of our married life.
We decided to get another pet and in our research we came across the dogs raised by Carol Kennedy. We looked at the pictures of the pups and got interested in the Havanese breed. Further research inspired us to make contact with Carol and her pups.
We passed all out tests with Carol and were able to get a Havanese pup. What a wonderful, sweet, loving and intelligent pup. After only four days we are so bound to this little pup and she is so bound to us that we could never give her up. If you like attention from the pet….try Havanese. If you like to play with your pet….try Havanese. If you like a pet who learns things quickly…try Havanese. This is a wonderful dog and a wonderful new family member.
The thanks should go to you for introducing us to this wonderful little bundle of pleasure and play. Thanks! We will continue to stay in touch.