Tucker & his Mommy

Carol is a blessing !  When searching for my first puppy I wanted local and to know my puppy was
coming from a great home and environment.  I found a few Havanese breeders in Michigan, but
specifically fell in love with Carol, her love and passion of all of her babies, quick response, friendly, and knowledgeable answers and guidance as to what we were looking for in a puppy, and our daily life, activities and environment.  She takes photo shoots of all of the puppies so you can see them in their comfort zone and actions.  I was able to meet my baby Tucker a few weeks before, to see how he adjusted to me, where he was born and raised, how each individual pup their own personal time, and for Tucker to meet me.  She emailed me a list, when I put a deposit down, of essentials I needed and brand she recommended which I use all and are perfect! She continually answers questions and sends personal check-up emails, & holiday greetings.