Hunter Poo Bear update

“What a great experience we have had with Carol and Denny in bringing Pooh Bear who we have named Hunter into our home.  I met Carol at the Detroit Airport and it was evident that she had a difficult time letting go of Hunter which demonstrated the love and care that she has given to our puppy.  Hunter has been such a joy and his demeanor tells that his home for his first 14 weeks was one of care and kindness.   Carol has been a wealth of information with recommendations that has made our training and adjustments so much easier.  From our experience we would not hesitate to recommend and encourage anyone considering a Havanese to first contact Carol Kennedy”.       

Holly Update

Hope you’re surviving the cold winter days! I’m happy February is here and the cold days of January are behind us!
Holly is doing great and growing each day! I wanted to send over a few cute pictures of her…she needs to be groomed but thought you’d like to see how much she’s grown!  We go back to the vet on Friday so I’ll see how much weight she’s gained. As of our last visit, she was app 5.5 lbs. It’s been a lot of work caring for a puppy, but she is doing great in all areas! It’s amazing how smart they are, and how well they adapt to routine and schedules! 🙂
Hopefully, we won’t get too much snow this month…and it will be an early Spring! ?
How did adoption go for Minnie(think it was her)? Have your other puppies found homes yet?

Enjoy the pictures!!

Take care,