Tucker Update

Hi Carol,

It will be a week tomorrow that I brought Tucker home from the airport and my family could not be happier.  Tucker is the sweetest puppy and has quickly become part of the family.  One of his favorite places to sleep or just hang out is on my back when I lay on the floor.  He loves giving kisses to both of my kiIMG_2682ds and makes them smile every time they are near him.  He is going to make a wonderful companion for my wife when the kids go back to school and she is at home working.  IMG_2678Tucker’s appetite is growing and he is quickly learning where he is supposed to go “potty”.  He is very comfortable both in his crate and playpen and sleeps through the night without any issue.  Thank you again for the care that you give to your pups, it truly shows in his personality and his nature.

Lucy Adoption Update!

Havanese Puppy Lucy Adoption Update

(Lucy, formerly “Precious”)

We love to share updates from the puppies new homes with their forever mommies and daddies.

Havanese Puppy Lucy AdoptionCarol! What an incredible few days it has been! The first night and second night went EXTREMELY well! :), believe it or not Lucy slept through the night both nights. She is truly one of the best personalities I have ever been around in a puppy. Leo is coming around well, he has kind of been just avoiding her when possible but when I woke up this morning they were both running in circles with each other so happy! Lucy loves giving kisses and sitting on my chest! Can’t thank you enough Carol our hearts are so full. She is doing so well, I think Leo being in the same room is a huge help with her comfort level. Lucy sure is fearless too, ha! She runs and jumps and plays the majority of the day. She loves her “safe zone” the black cage sides is very similar to the ones at your house she sometimes just sits in there with the door open looking at us ha! We dropped of Leo at the groomer today for a bath and fresh hair cut, he loves getting pampered there. Hope you guys have the best weekend, I will send photos soon! Havanese Puppy Lucy Adoption