Named Puppies

All nine puppies from both litters have been named.  We will be adding new photos to each puppies gallery as they are available.  Please stop back and check on updates.



(female)(White/Brown/Black)  – Daisy & Rumor Litter

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(male)(White/Black) – Daisy & Rumor Litter

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(female) (White/Brown/Black) – Daisy & Rumor Litter

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(male)  (Black/White) –  Diva & Emir Litter

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unnamedDewy (Dewy has been adopted)

(male) (Red/Brown) –  Diva & Emir Litter

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(male) (Black/Tan/Gold) –  Diva & Emir Litter

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(male) (White/ Brown) –  Diva & Emir Litter

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(female) (Black/Tan/Gold) –  Diva & Emir Litter

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butterflyPrecious:(Precious has been adopted)

(female) (DarkRed/Brown/Cream) –  Diva & Emir Litter

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Sunny does like opera

Its confirmed Sunny does like opera. A third commerical came on with opera music and he ran to the tv to watch it.
We just got back from the vets for theirs check up and she was very pleased how heathy they looked and their weight was perfect.
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precious Lola

Hey Carol, just took some pictures of IMG_0419 !  She is doing so well.  Was wondering when you recommend switching from puppy food and do you stay with Fromm?  Luke is at baseball practice or I would have taken some pictures of her with him.  It’s adorable how she jumps on him to wake him up in the morning.  She is sweet and loving to everybody but she is truly a “Velcro dog” with me:).  Hope all well with you.  I’m sure you are busy with all your dogs!!thanks again for saving Lola for us.  She is so happy and loved!!?❤️”