Toby the HavaneseHi Carol. Just wanted to send a one year old update on Toby! I can’t believe he’s 1 years old already! He is such an awesome dog. Overall he’s really attached to me, but still adores everyone in the household. He loves his little brother Max but let’s him know he’s the alpha dog at the same Time. Even though Max has him by 3-4 pounds lol. Toby was last weighed in March at 10.5 lbs and it doesn’t seem he’s grown any since then. He absolutely loved playing in the snow. He’s a really fast runner. He like to go crazy running around the house or back yard chasing Max, or our youngest, Alivia. He loves cuddling me on the couch or in my bed at night while I read or watch Tv. At night he cuddles against my legs to sleep. He’s obviously a mama’s boy lol. I want to thank you again for the incredible gift of Toby. My family and I love him so much!