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Havanese Litter in Spring

We are currently working on finishing our website in time for the spring litters.  So far we are ahead of schedule and very soon we will be having our grand opening with the announcement of our spring litter due dates.


Snowflake (formerly Cuddles) joined our family Thanksgiving weekend and we could not be happier. Snowflake is extremely happy and cuddly and sweet puppy. She and my daughter bonded immediately. It is obvious that Carol takes such good care of her puppies and loves them as her own. I appreciate how thorough she was in screening who adopts her puppies and all of the information she provides. It helped make Snowflakes transition to our home so smooth. Carol is so helpful & readily available to answer any questions. Snowflake was a early Santa gift for my daughter and Carol even included a envelope addressed to my daughter from Santa explaining why Christmas puppies arrive before Christmas.  If you are looking for a puppy I would 100% recommend Carol.

-Diane   TX.  Dec. 13, 2015

Lovey (Lola)

I bought Lola home just over a week ago. She is our first puppy and we just love her !  Carol is a wonderful breeder and we have had an excellent experience with her. She has been supportive and very interested in making Lola’s transition to our home as smooth as possible. We strongly recommend Carol as a devoted, caring and conscientious breeder.

-Cathy  Dec. 21, 2015

Faith & Hope Are Pure Joy

We adopted two puppies, Faith & Hope from Carol.  The girls were about 14 weeks old.  We are exceedingly impressed with the care and attention Carol gives to the pups with grooming and lap time before they are adopted. the girls are very social with people and other dogs alike. Carol’s concern for her pups going to safe homes and instructing on the pups needs, grooming, and grooming tools to use, goes a long way towards demonstrating her love and care for them. Even her willingness to keep in touch in email and being only a phone call away for answering any questions I find exceptional. The puppies are just a joy to have around. Thank you Carol !!!!

-Rich & Jessette  MI.  Sept. 8, 2015

Sweetest little boy ever

Carol is an ideal breeder. Her dogs are not over bred and are members of her family. The environment the pups are raised in is a home, not a barn or garage. Carol hand picks each family that gets her pups. I’m so happy she chose us. Carol is there for you if you need anything while the puppy is adjusting to his new home. I would recommend Carol to anyone looking for a Havanese pup. I’m so happy I found her.

-Carrie MI. Oct 6, 2015

Caring Breeder

We purchased 2 Havanese puppies ( brothers) and were extremely impressed with Carol and her love and dedication to breed such wonderful dogs.  They received the highest level of care and were raised in her home.  Carol goes to great lengths to ensure that each puppy receives individual time with her for play and attention.  Our puppies are social and loving with all family members. We highly recommend Carol if you are looking for a Havanese puppy.


-Wayne & Jill  MI. Dec. 8, 2015

Excellent Breeder

Our family has never owned a dog before and now we have a great new family member whom we love with all of our heart.  I had heard of puppy mills where the dogs were not taken care of well and this was not the case with Carol Kennedy.  She let us come and visit many times as we wanted to make sure we were picking the right fit for our family. The problem was we fell in love with two of them. Her house is very clean, they were all taken care of,with up to date shots, groomed, and a lot of TLC ! She has followed up regularly ( which I love that she cares this much) and she has been available at any time for questions that we had (never owning a dog before), she cares about all of her dogs, & I recommend this breeder if you are looking for a puppy.

-Pam  MI. Aug. 22, 2015

Toby Puppy Review

Our experience with Carol exceeded our expectations!  She was thorough and paid attention to every conceivable detail. She showed a lot of concern for the environment that her pups would be potentially heading into. We appreciated that she cared so much for her pups that she went to such great lengths. She was courteous, professional, and really set our minds at ease with the care and dedication that she showed as breeder. And as for our puppy, our family could not be happier.  He is happy, well behaved, and very healthy.  He loves to play. He came to us with his papers, vet records, and all shots given. We have quickly come to love our pup and he appears to love us.  The overall experience of getting a new puppy from Carol has been fun and we appreciate the high quality breeder that she is.  We would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for a puppy. It was a very positive experience!

-Kristine  MI. Aug, 23, 2015

Buddy Boy

We took our little boy home last week and have been in love with him ever since!  He is a great little puppy and already had a perfect check-up at the vet.  Carol breeds all her dogs and cares for them in her house. They are all loved and well cared for.  She is very helpful with tips and suggestions when it comes to her Havanese pups.  i would definitely buy from her again if we decide to get Buddy Boy a playmate!

-Victoria  MI.


I bought our adorable puppy from Mrs. Kennedy a week ago.  She was very concerned about where her puppy was going.  She was in constant contact with us & gave us so much information as it was my first first puppy.  it was very clear that she really truly cares about her puppies. Our puppy came in good condition and health.  No complaints! We love our new addition to our family.

-Cindy  MI.  Sept. 5, 2014