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Lilly 001 February Set
Lilly 001 February Set

We are an in home Breeder of the Havanese Puppies for Sale in Michigan.  Delivering Havanese puppies in our home in Central Michigan for over 25 years.  We encourage you to browse our site and contact us with any information on adopting one of our Havanese puppies.

Havanese Puppies in Michigan
This is Angel, one of our 2019 puppies.

It sure looks like Angel & her sisters are enjoying a beautiful snowy day! We are really looking forward to our Spring Litters. The puppies will be announced, right here, within a few days after they are born.

Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions.

Our Havanese Passion

We breed Havanese puppies that are available for adoption.  Our breeding program is small with only having 2-3 litters a year, and do selective rather than random breeding. Our goal is to breed healthy, high quality, happy puppies with great dispositions and loving personalities.
Every dog/puppy  lives in our home as family members. We do not use a kennel or dog run set-up.  Our dogs are under the care of a veterinarian for their medical and preventative needs.  We feed a high quality food, that has never been recalled. Each and every dog/puppy gets lots of care, time, and attention.  They are under foot and follow us around.  They love to be in the kitchen watching me cook with their front paws crossed. Every night, they look forward to watching TV with us before going to bed.

We believe that breeding puppies should be a 24/7 passion, and not just a way to earn an extra income.  In our opinion, being a responsible breeder can not be adequately done with having a regular job outside of the home. Our Moms get the best pre-natal and post whelping care. It is important to have an X-ray or Ultra sound of the moms prior to their delivery date, so we know ahead of time of the number puppies,  and their  position in the uterus.  All of this is done for the safety of the mom and her puppies.  Each Mom whelps their “Fur Babies” in a whelping room set up for their health, safety, and comfort. The whelping room is sanitized, monitored, and fully equipped. I am present for every delivery, assisting the Moms and caring for each puppy’s needs.  My puppies are held, and caressed from birth on.

Havanese Breeding and Adoption

Breeding is important to me, and I take it seriously.  of all the Havanese Puppies for Sale in Michigan I feel I am blessed to be able to do this. More than anything, I want whoever purchases one of my puppies, to give that little puppy a “Forever Home” providing the care, love, attention, time, and training that it will need. and want in order to be a Happy Havanese.

Please browse our site to learn more about us,  our breeding program , and our puppies, history, characteristic
of the Havanese breed, photos of past litters, and  for more information in how to acquire one of my puppies.